Tycoon’s fruit machine is a simple yet lucrative slot game from Jackpot Joy. The game has three reels and a single win line. Available bets are 20p, 50p and £1, and the jackpot is 3,000 coins. The gameplay is very fast and smooth, and Tycoon’s Treasure has a useful auto-spin feature as well.

Tycoon’s Treasure online slot game is all about accumulating wealth. The player takes on the role of a billionaire tycoon, and the goal is to get even wealthier and more powerful. The game clearly draws inspiration from the board game Monopoly, and it has excellent graphics and sound effects, which is what you expect from Jackpot Joy.

The tycoon symbol looks a lot like Rich Uncle Pennybags, and the luxury car symbol looks a lot like the Monopoly playing piece. Other symbols include a diamond, a gold bar and paper money that can appear in three colours: blue, red and green. The dollars pay out for a colour-based three-of-a-kind but will also pay out of any combination of the three colours.

The payout schedule has three tiers. The number of coins in play will determine the active payout tier. The third tier is by far the most lucrative, so most players will want to spin three coins at a time.

Jackpot Joy's Tycoon’s Treasure is an exciting online slot that you can sit down to and play with little fuss. There is no progressive jackpot in this particular version of the game but you can play the slot for free so you don't risk any money when you're trying it out. Though there are no nudges or holds it is still great fun to play.