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Irish slots player lands Paddy Powers biggest ever slots win the night before Valentines Day!

You wouldn’t go into work the day after winning £4.2 million would you! Well it appears Sean Doyle from Newcastle, County Down is different to the rest of us. The chef won the huge jackpot last week, the night before Valetines Day, and still turned up for his shift the next day.

It appeared as though the chef really did have the luck of the Irish after his £8 bet won. It is the largest ever online payout in the history of Paddy Power.  He had been playing the game for the past six months and it showed that his persistence was worth it. He decided to have a spin the night before the busiest day in the food industry and it paid off, literally.

Sean said that when he saw the winnings hit £1 million he turned his phone off as he couldn’t watch it anymore. He turned it back on to see he had won a total of £4,283,863.55!

So how does he plan on spending his winnings? Well Sean has said he wants to open up his own business and in particular a cafe. He also told Paddy Power that he plans on helping his family out, he said “You wouldn’t believe the amount of peoples lives I’m going to change with this win”. He said he has a sister in New Zealand who’s a single parent who wants to help. Along with his sister he has three brothers, his parents and aunts and uncles who he wants to help. It appears that it isn’t just Paddy Power who are generous with Sean planning to help his loved ones. It was a Valentines victory after all.

He won the ridiculous sum of money on Mars Attack. However, worry not as the jackpot fund is already up to a million pounds and I for one wouldn’t moan about winning that! Have a go on Paddy Power and see if you can beat Seans record of the biggest ever online winner.

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