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Everyone remembers the Love Boat TV show, a cruise ship based show that featured a ton of hilarious and romantic adventures.

We’ve all got our own favourite quotes and characters from the show that we would talk about in a moment’s notice, so what better way to celebrate the legacy this piece of cult TV left behind than by playing a slot game based on the legendary show.

The slot game is well designed, set aboard the deck of the iconic ship from the show there’s a beautiful deep orange sunset behind the reels and a small plane in the background spraying colourful smoke, it all helps to create this rather relaxing atmosphere.

Inside the slot are the games symbols and each one contains either a loveable character from the show or items like love hearts, champagne glasses or life preservers to keep with the cruise ship theme.

Gameplay is fairly straightforward as it acts like your standard slot, so you’re given five reels and 25 lines to try and create combinations across.

To add a bit of variety to your game there’s also tons of fun features and bonuses. For starters there’s Wilds, in this game the Wilds are shown as a red colourful image of the ship with ‘WILD’ emblazoned across it. These super symbols will substitute for all the other items in your combinations apart from the bonus and scatter squares.

Matchup Bonus

There’s also a few fun bonus rounds, like the Matchup Bonus for example. This round is unlocked by landing three of the bonus symbols on the 1st, 3rd and 5th.

When this round starts you’ll be shown several shadowy figures and you’ll have to pick one of each, once you do this  their ‘love compatibility’ is shown on a special meter, the higher the meter goes the bigger your reward. So depending on your matchmaking skills you could win anything from a 1x, 3x or 5x multiplier.

Love Doctor Free Spins

The next bonus is the Love Doctor free spin round; this bonus can be unlocked by landing three or more of the Love Boat Scatter symbols on the reels.

When this round starts you’ll be given 10 free spins straight off the bat, you can also earn extra abilities like more spins, freezing Wilds that will stop in place or additional multipliers by filling up a special meter. You can fill this up by landing symbols that contain the shows doctor on the reels; it’s as simple as that.

Jackpot Draw

Finally in their bag of bonuses the Love Boat slot game has an exclusive jackpot draw that gives you the chance to win some seriously large amounts of money.

However, this bonus is held on a weekly basis on different days and at various times throughout the day. You can find out when by loading up the game and looking at the Jackpot meter on the side of the game. When it’s active you’ll have to win tickets for the Meta prize draw that it runs, you can earn tickets by landing ‘Dream Cruise Ticket’ symbols in your combinations.

Each ticket comes with a special number and when the draw takes place it will show the winning numbers one digit at a time to build up suspense.


Overall this slot game is absolutely fantastic, it’s filled with tons of nostalgia that any fans of the original show will just love and gameplay is fun and rewarding since there’s so many bonuses to take advantage of.

It’s definitely one to recommend if you’re looking for a new slot to try out.


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