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Based on the popular graphic novel by Platinum Studios, which was turned into a sci-fi movie, the Cowboys & Aliens slot game is an exciting and unique approach to the genre that every science fiction fan will like.

Set within the same cartoon Old West town from the comic this game keeps with the comic book theme as all the reels, buttons and even the paytable’s layout have been designed to look like panels from the popular comic. Plus characters from the book also appear as symbols inside the games reels.

When you start to sink some time into this game you’ll find that it’s incredibly easy to play. You’re given 5 reels and 9 paylines to play across. All 9 lines are permanently active but you can still change the size of your wager. In this case you can bet between 9p and £450 a round. There’s also the usual addition of the game letting you choose between manual reel turns or automatic.

Now we get to the best feature of this game, the bonuses. First there’s the Wilds which substitute for other items in your combos apart from your Scatter. Then there’s the Alien Weapon round. Launched by landing the ray gun on the 1st reel this bonus will fire a beam at a random symbol on the reels turning it into a Wild.

Next is the Free Spin round, triggered by landing 3 or more of the ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Scatters on the reels this bonus will give you 3 free spins. Also a large rectangle which will appear at random across the reels and will turn whatever symbols land inside it into Wilds.

Finally, the last bonus is the Alien Attack round. This fun round is activated by landing the exploding ship Scatter symbol on the 1st and 5th reels at the same time. Once it starts you’ll have to destroy alien ships, but before then you’ll get to pick from three characters and each one comes with their own accuracy rating and ammunition amount.

For example, there’s Zeke, he has high accuracy and 6 bullets, then there’s Verity she has a whip with 20 shots but she has low accuracy. There’s also the Indian Warrior, he has 12 arrows and medium accuracy. So you’ll have to choose wisely before you begin.

When the round starts you’ll be attacked by 5 alien ships in 3 waves and you have to pick which ones to blow up. Each alien killed will reward you with either a cash prize, multipliers or extra ammo. The round ends when all the aliens are destroyed or you run out of ammo.

In closing, this game is fantastic, it’s a great cover of the popular science fiction graphic novel and it’s genuinely fun to play. If you’re a fan of the comic, the movie or just sci-fi in general then you’ll adore this game!


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