If you’re a slots fan who’s looking to get back to basics on classic slots games, then try out Crazy 7. This exciting game from Playtech tries to embody the vintage feel of a traditional slots machine that you might find at your average real life casino. With their funky design and exciting sound effects, this simple, straightforward game cuts out fancy features to focus exclusively on the wins.

With a simple, straightforward gameplay and pay tables which are not difficult to understand, the game is absolutely ideal for players who are unfamiliar with slots games and are just learning the basics. They cut out bonuses and features such as wilds and free spins rounds – in fact, the only symbols available are number sevens in different colours. With just three reels and one pay-line, the slot is very easy to pick up, and offers a jackpot of 400 coins.

Although the game is simple and focusses on the bare basics of slots games, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for a theme to liven the game up! All of the number 7 symbols come in colours of blue, green and red. The brightest colours offer the most significant wins. But that’s not all, every consequent combinations of wins will bring even bigger prizes. For example, if you manage to make a combination of three blue sevens, and then afterwards you manage to make three red sevens, then that will double your wins. What’s more, if you’re betting on the maximum stake and you land three red sevens, then you’ll manage to tip the jackpot.

Playing the game is very easy and you’re sure to pick it up in no time. All you need to do is set your bets using the + and – symbols in the bottom left of the screen. As with most slots games, the higher you make your wager, the higher the potential pay-out when you do make a win. But that’s not all; because this game has only one pay-line, there are no additional lines to multiply your bet by. So whatever you choose to have as your line bet will end up being your total bet for each spin.

Once you’ve set your bet and you’re happy with it, all you have to do is click “Spin”. The reels will begin to spin and when the stop in a line of sevens of the same colour, you will win a prizes. Having just one pay line, and just three different coloured symbols across the reels means that there are only three possible winning combinations. This is perhaps a bit of a drop compared to other three reel slots, most of which offer six winning combinations. What’s more, whilst most slots games have their symbols landing in exactly a straight line along the reels, in this game you don’t know where each symbol might stop – meaning that one of the reels might be just slightly off the pay-line, so you lose out on a win. Whilst this obviously puts Crazy 7 at a disadvantage compared to these other games, it more than makes up for it by being easy, straightforward and still offering some big wins.

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