Golden Tour

Ever fancied yourself as a PGA Tour golfer? Well if your dreams didn’t come true growing up to be a pro golfer then fear not, as Playtech have brought out a video slot game for all you golf fans out there!

Golden Tour slot game does not require any putters or drivers, just a mouse and a little bit of money in your credit balance. This slot game doesn’t even require experience or even ability, so sit back, get comfortable and start spinning. Golden Tour slot game is a 5 reel slot game that is played over 5 reels. Sport themed slot games are vastly becoming very popular on the internet, but whether you consider golf to be a sport is completely different topic all together, and this one is very simple and easy to play.
Before you get started players must go into the game already decided on the amount of money they are going to be wagering per spin. Players will place line bets, this means that they will wager a certain amount on 1 of the 5 paylines, and if you don’t want to bet on 5 you can choose the number yourself. The amounts can vary between 1p and £5 per line. This means that the minimum can be as little as 1p per spin. At the other end of the scale, the maximum bet can be as high as £25 per spin, indicating that Golden Tour is suitable for all you golfers out there who have a play with a different swing on the slot games.

After you select your bet and before you start, players will clearly see the theme of the game is all do to with golf, obviously. The setting is even on a golf course, in the background you will see a golfer kitted out in all the clothing going for the hole. On the reels the golf motif continues. Each symbol in the game is directly related to the game of golf. Some of the symbols, which hold a different value to each other, you will see include: golf shoes, golf bags, golf balls, golf carts, flags and more. So there is no shortage of golf items and I’m pretty sure you’re not going to forgot this is a golf related slot game.

The most important thing to players before the wagering and design of the game is the gameplay. In Golden Tour slot game players are indulged in the game constantly as the reels are fast paced and players are on top of the game at all times. The game also includes some bonus features to keep players entertained. This slot game features a Wild symbol and a nice free spins perk. The wild symbol is the double golf ball, although it can only substitute for the red and blue golf balls. The bonus game is activated when you land 3 of the animals on consecutive reels. Your golf brain will come into question when you need to select a size of iron and a putter and see the simulated result. If the ball goes in you will win yourself a cash prize.

Promote yourself on to the big stage of golf when you play Golden Tour and you’ll not just be bagging your clubs but also some big wins!