Highlander Fruit Machine

Cast your mind back to those late nights as a teenager and remember ‘There Can Be Only One!”…Christopher Lambert was in Highlander wasn’t he? Whatever happened to him? And apparently Sean Connery was in it too! We have to rent this out some night…

And if the Highlander doesn’t have pride of place on your DVD shelf then don’t feel too bad because if you pop over to Paddy Power Games and try their Highlander fruit machine game then you’ll be more than pleased – plus it could win you more cash than the DVD will!

Unsurprisingly, the Highlander online fruit machine is one of Paddy Power Games’s most popular games and regularly is their most player slot game of the day.

Highlander is a slot casino game where you bet on the outcome of five spinning reels. Match three or more symbols (or icons) on a win line to win a payout. Payouts increase depending on the number of matching symbols you have. Highlander offers free spins and mini games with cash prizes and can also be played as a free fruit machine – but you won’t win any real cash in that mode.

There are free spins and Sword Skills bonus mini games and overall it’s a fantastic game with great graphics and prizes and is well worth a play!