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If you’re familiar with online slots, you’ll know a little bit about bonuses. Casinos offer these deals in the hope of inducing new customers to play with them. Search for ‘Online Casino’ and you’ll get bombarded with hundreds of ‘Welcome Bonuses’ instantly.

These deals take different forms, from a simple ‘Free Spin’ and ‘No Deposit Bonus’ (not commonly offered) to the more numerous ‘Deposit Bonus’.

The latter can be a decent option when it comes to casino bonuses. However, you need to understand the Terms and Conditions attached to any ‘Deposit Bonus’ to decide if you’re getting a good deal or being ripped off.

Yes, it’s true that Casinos once offered completely free bonuses. Usually around £10 or £20.

Unfortunately, these bonuses were regularly abused by players which led to them being withdrawn. The ‘Deposit Bonus’ protects casinos from abuse while still rewarding players for their custom.

Online Slots with Deposit Bonuses are easy to locate. Plenty of reputable online casinos offer them. Although finding ones that offer players real value can be a challenge.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution, keep reading this article to discover what to look out for when picking a bonus.

What Are Deposit Bonuses?

So what makes a ‘Deposit Bonus’ good or bad for the typical online slot player? Let me walk you through a standard ‘Deposit Bonus’ and outline the good and bad points.

For this example, I will use a fictional casino (XYZ Casino), and I will be using the standard bonus cash amounts and terms.

When you first visit a casino online, you’ll often see a deal that looks something like this. ‘Get a £100 Bonus when you deposit £50’. The figure (£100) represents the maximum amount XYZ Casino will award you as a bonus.

The (£50) is the money you’re expected to deposit and spend with the casino to claim the (£100). Hence the term ‘Deposit Bonus’ as YOU MUST deposit and play with YOUR CASH before you can claim the bonus.

The problem with many bonuses is they can look generous on the surface. However, start scrutinising the terms and conditions, and you realise there’s a catch.

Ther Terms & Conditions!

In our fictional offer, the Terms & Conditions contain this line of text ’50x wagering requirements apply to your bonus.’ What exactly does that mean? Well, let me explain.

With a £10 bonus with 50x requirements, you will need to stake a total of £500 before you can withdraw it from the casino.

For example, if you stake £1 on Slots, £1 will come off your WR (wagering requirement).

If you’re required to stake your bonus cash or winnings multiple times, then the risk of losing it increases.

Ultimately, you’ll want to find a bonus deal with the lowest ‘wagering requirement’ you can find.

Another restriction you’ll find in the terms and conditions surrounding ‘Deposit Bonuses’ is a prize cap, or winnings cap.

Some casinos will place a maximum cash amount that you can win with bonus cash. It can range from £100 to £20,000. So watch out for that too!

Ideally, you’ll be looking for a casino bonus NO CAP or a HIGH CAP.

So now you know what to look for when picking a ‘Deposit Bonus’. Remember, you can also read more about bonuses and the sites offering them here.