Lord Of The Rings Slot

One of the latest trends in online slots is to create movie-themed slots games that feature full, rich scenes from the movie in question in order to reward prizes and engage in the progressive awarding of jackpots and one of the leading online movie-based slots games is the Lord of the Rings Slot Game offered at Ladbrokes Casino.

Lord of the Rings enthusiasts will appreciate the wide array of characters featured in the game, including Aragorn, Arwen, Elrond, Frodo, and Legolas. Ladbrokes Casino even makes sure that Gollum gets to make a few cameo appearances, offering cash, prizes, and free spins, occasional throughout the game as play continues.

The video-based online slot machine offers a 243-way video spin, which is arguably one of the most entertaining ways to play slots in an online environment. This machine manages to pair the thrill of gambling with the cinematic entertainment offered by one of Hollywood’s leading film franchises, resulting in an overall highly entertaining period of play.

Jackpots produced by the Lord of the Rings video slot machine game at Ladbrokes Casino are based on the amount of the bet placed before the spin, with a progressive jacket ratcheting up several levels as game play increases and bets get a bit bigger over time. The bronze progressive jackpot comes in at just £10.00, but the game is just getting started.

At the silver jackpot level, platters can expect to earn at least £100.00, and often even higher than that amount on big plays. The gold progressive jackpot offers winnings that start at a staggering £10,000.00 and the Mithril progressive jackpot is the one to “rule them all,” featuring wins that start at an amazing £1,000,000.00. That’s a life-changing proposition, and it’s one that the Lord of the Rings video slot machine game at Ladbroke Casino offers its online customers every single day of the week, 24 hours per day.