It is time we go back to the ancient civilized era of history, Central America to be exact, as we go on an adventure to seek the untold mysteries and uncover the ancient fortunes from this time. Montezuma is mainly focused on the Aztec Ruler and your only 2 aims are to escape his clutches and return home with the hidden riches that lie in wake of your upheaval. The wealth of this civilization is clear to see, so do you have what it takes to grab it from under the nose of Montezuma and his queen?

This 5 reel slot game is vibrant and colourful and the opening scene, the spinning wheel, gives of a sense of intrigue and curiosity for the players. When the game begins, you will notice you are deep into the jungle, where most of the Aztec people would collaborate or be inhabited. The set-up of the game is traditional, although players who enjoy themed slot games, especially historical themed ones, will take a particular interest in it.

The smooth and lush graphics compliment the fluid gameplay incredibly well and the ease of play and simplicity means it is a fantastic spin. The rules are easy; simply land matching symbols on one of the 25 paylines, the size of your payouts will depend on size of bets. Like most WMS games, it is effortless to change your stake. The range of wagers varies from £0.25 to £60 per spin, so there is definitely scope to alter your bet how you please.

The symbols in the game all relate to this period of existence, the different symbols payout different multipliers. The items and people who appear are commonly associated with the ancient civilization of the Aztec people, Montezuma and his Queen are present, ancient relics and also iconic headwear appears. Many other things, such as locations in the jungle and classic slot game symbols also surface during the game.

Apart from the standard symbols, players should also keep a watchful eye out for the special bonus symbols. Firstly, the symbol covered by an ancient Aztec temple, similar to the Templo Mayor acts as the Wild symbol for the Montezuma slot game. This special icon has the ability to substitute for all other symbols in the game, except the scatter, but this will give players extra chances and opportunities to increase the frequency of wins.

The other bonus symbol that is present is the scatter symbol. Covered by a historic relic, the scatter symbol will award players the chance to spin the Wheel of Fortune, a new feature in this WMS slot games, when you find at least 3 of these symbols. You will then have to spin the wheel to win up to 10 free spins. Before each of the free spins, there will be another wheel at the top of the reels that will spin and this will land you a multiplier up to 5x your prize. This game indicates to us that the Aztec time was a time of wealth and hidden riches, but now it’s up to you to lure them away and take them to the present day!