For years, Ladbrokes Casino has been providing online gamblers with high class, fun, games that give the player a great chance to turn pocket change into a full blown jackpot. The Special Edition of the Wheel of Wealth slot game is another link in this chain of excellence. A free play mode is available; however, players can only accumulate winnings if they wager money. The stakes start as small as .01 pounds per spin, and go up to 12.50 pounds per spin. At the maximum stake, lucky players can win 50 thousand pounds in the game alone; with the bonuses, that increases to 56 thousand pounds. For players who are looking to win big, the bet max button instantly sets the stake and coin counts as high as possible.

The Wheel of Wealth is a five reel slot game, which features 25 different win lines. The slot portrays luxury by adding high class items, such as sport cars and diamonds, to the traditional medley of fruit that is seen on slot machines. The game’s signature mechanic, the Wheel of Wealth Bonus, is trigged when three or four of the wheel icons are used in your pay line. The player will be prompted to choose one of the wheel icons, earning a reward of up to 2000 pounds, or a visit to the Wheel of Wealth bonus game. If the pay line has 5 wheel icons, the wheel value increases to 5000 pounds. The Wheel of Wealth icon is both a bonus multiplier and a wild token in the slot game. If you manage to complete a pay line with a Wheel of Wealth token, your payout for that line will be doubled. For players who simply want to see what their winnings amount to, the Wheel of Wealth features an auto play option, which spins the wheel five or ten times with one button press.

Ladbrokes Casino has always been one of the best options for online casino games, in the world, and their Wheel of Wealth slots game is no exception. With a generous bonus round, and 25 different chances to win in the slots, the game is a great way to gamble.