Wheel Of Fortune From Paddy Power

The Wheel of Fortune five-reel multicoin online slot machine is an excellent choice among the online fruit machines available at Paddy Power Games. It plays like most slots, but the bonus gives you the chance to spin and win with the most famous wheel in TV and Hollywood history – the Wheel Of Fortune!

The Wheel of Fortune online fruit machine has five paylines, each of which can take up to 9 credits. You can set the amount for each credit at the top of the screen. If you get three of the same symbols in a payline, you win!

However, the most fun part of any slot machine is its bonus and the Wheel of Fortune fruit machine bonus is quite involved. First, as you play you build up bonus jackpots by getting Jackpot symbols. Each symbol adds a certain number of credits, displayed on the symbol, to your jackpot. There are three separate jackpots based on the color of the bonus symbol.

If you get three bonus symbols on a payline, you can play the bonus round and this lets you spin the Wheel of Fortune and earn one of your three bonus jackpots or a separate award. With a successful spin, four of the 72 slices on the wheel are replaced by Bankrupt slices, and you are given the option of spinning again. This lets you get even more money, but if you land on a Bankrupt slice, you lose all the money you accumulated, so be careful!

Once you’re bankrupt, you still get to keep a consolation prize. You can choose to keep it or go for the Double or Nothing wheel, which will give you a 50/50 chance of doubling the consolation or losing it altogether.

The Wheel of Fortune slot game is most fun because it gives you the opportunity to play the odds and see if you’re feeling lucky at every turn. However, most of this fun happens in the bonus round, which occurs rarely in the course of the game. Regardless, it is a solid online slot machine with an excellent bonus offering. Try it out today at Paddy Power Games!